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What is Rustic Entrepreneur?

Rustic Entrepreneur is an online authority and community of entrepreneurs, business owners, students, and academics who work in or were raised in rural/suburban America and have a passion for entrepreneurship. In the United States, cities like Boston, San Francisco, and New York have the reputation for being the "hub of innovation" and the birth places of startups. Rustic Entrepreneur brings acknowledgement and resources to entrepreneurs who innovate and create in small towns, or as we like to call it, "Rustic America". We believe that having experience in a small town not only builds character, but humbles a person and exposes them to the instrumental affect entrepreneurs have on a community. 

If you are like us, you are proud of your rustic roots. We hope you can be a part of this movement to encourage the next generation of business growth in our rustic communities.

Our Values


Building a better tomorrow through innovation and creation. 

Rural Business

Utilizing the resources that come with a rural or suburban town.


working with others to utilize one's unique knowledge and skills.


Building businesses that improve society, lift spirits, and contribute to human flourishing.

I am a Rustic Entrepreneur

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