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Rustic Entrepreneur Spotlight - Look Local First

Look Local First was founded by myself, Emma Bixenman, and Amy Hayes who make up the marketing department at VizyPay. VizyPay is a merchant service company based in West Des Moines Iowa. Our client base is all small business owners. We wanted a way to give back, connect, and bring awareness to the importance of small businesses in our communities.

VizyPay launched Look Local First this past September. The goal is to bring attention to shopping locally and supporting small business owners in your area. Small business owners are the backbone of our communities and we want to remind the community that it is worth the extra effort to shop small (in a world of Amazon and two day shipping). We sell both window stickers and t-shirts in hopes of bringing awareness [to small businesses] and 100% of the proceeds go to funding support for small businesses. Small business owners are willing to start a business knowing that the odds are against them. They are the first ones there in the morning and the last ones to close their doors at night. Small business owners deserve a voice and we hope the Look Local First campaign can accomplish that by bringing attention to what’s important in our communities.

Our advice for rural business owners: Don’t let technology pass you by! Even if you are in a small community – you have access to so many potential customers and a large audience on the internet.

Utilize a website, Instagram, Facebook and email opt ins to get a farther reach.

As Look Local First takes off, we plan to launch in more states. Our focus is currently IA, but we do offer shirts for MN and KS."

Check out Look Local First on social media and online! Rustic Entrepreneur is honored to highlight Look Local First and the incredible work they are doing in Iowa and beyond. We are excited to see all that you accomplish in the new year!

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